Web of Crimes by Peter d'PlesseWEB OF CRIMES

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Fire Eye by Peter d'PlesseFIRE EYE

Adventure turned nightmare: how did Alexander Dulaine’s search for a lost plane become a struggle between life and death?

Peter d'Plesse's Fire Eye is a compelling Australian outback adventure story about a driven and complex young woman who engages a part-time adventurer to help her find her grandfather's lost World War II aircraft in northern Australia.

Peter d'Plesse

Peter d'Plesse

Peter d’Plesse has explored the mountains, jungle and desert of the Australian landscape over many years. He has written numerous articles on education, the outdoors and aviation and is a private pilot rated for aerobatics and formation flight. Peter lives in Tasmania and Fire Eye is his first novel.

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The Guns of ‘Fire Eye’ and ‘Web of Crimes’.

The Guns of ‘Fire Eye’ and ‘Web of Crimes’.

Both of my novels share two main characters in the form of Alexander Dulaine and Jed Mitchell. They each have baggage and qualities...

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